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 Gateway Martial Arts opened its doors in June of 2002 at its' original location in a fast growing area of Cobb County, GA. The school has experienced tremendous growth. The spirit for tradition and growth continues today in 2024. Since moving to the new location in Mableton, Master Flores continues teaching quality martial arts and welcomes all with the desire to study a discipline. Check out our reviews below....


Come experience the difference and enter the gateway to total well being!



Rich Lee  recommends Gateway Martial Arts- 5 Star.

February 22, 2020 · 

My son attended Gateway for 3 years. We moved the Charleston 5 months ago. We have not found a school even close to the standards of Gateway. It is hard to judge a place without something to compare to. Now that we have that ability. Gateway is hands down better than anything we have found. The lessons and enforcement Master Ogle provided my son are invaluable. if want your child to truly learn the fundamentals. This is the best place we have found. Our whole family misses Gateway and all the Staff.

Rich, Travita, Caity, and Caleb Lee

Rodriguez GElena  recommends Gateway Martial Arts.-5 star

October 17, 2019 · 

Come and see it with your own eyes! the best of the best.

Josh Bennett reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

December 18, 2017 · 

Gateway has the best instructors in Georgia hands down. I decided to take Master Excell's Kenpo class, best decision ever. These instructors are absolutely amazing, they really care about their students and explain everything in depth. If you want to start Martial Arts, Gateway should be #1 on your list.

Ramona Shelton reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

December 17, 2017 · 

I give them a five. What I love about Gateway are all of the instructors.They care about the child both physically and mentally. They are a school who does not promote a child just to promote them. They make sure they know their forms first. I first took my son there because he was being bullied and within months they gave him the confidence to walk with his head held high and not be afraid of anyone. They have taught my son so much in the 9 years that he has been with them and continue to teach and push him to be the best that he can be. I recommend this school for every child.

Deb Pierce reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

January 12, 2017 · 

I decided to start 2017 by enrolling in Master Chaplin's class. Best decision I have made this year so far. Awesome class and awesome instructors who meet you where you are. I highly recommend this class to people of all ages

Dave Coker reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

July 30, 2015 · 

Amazing instructors. This is a great organization for people of any age.

Veronica Francis reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

May 10, 2016 · 

The best Martial Arts School in this County, with great instructors

Hena Arora reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

February 26, 2015 · 

I received my black belt 7 years ago, and I can still hear Master Ogle's voice ringing in my ears; Gateway is made on an indomitable foundation and you will certainly leave a warrior. Best Martial Arts school ever!

Jerod Hicks reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

March 4, 2014 · 

Great training and environment! 1st class martial art experience. Traditional, intense, quality!

Mike Ruth reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

February 12, 2014 · 

Gateway is a excellent school with great instructors

Tiffany Segrest reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

February 13, 2014 · 

Choosing Gateway Martial Arts for our son's martial arts journey was one of the best decisions we will ever make. He will definitely be a stronger and better person as a direct result of the lessons he has and will continue to learn from the instructors at Gateway! Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit to name a few.

Cody Shred Bundy Smothers reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

February 12, 2014 · 

Hands down the best investment you could ever make for your child by sending them here. These guys have personally shaped the way I live life still to this day.

Sandy Hofmann reviewed Gateway Martial Arts — 5 star

February 12, 2014 · 

Make a real difference in the development of a child's character!

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